How to get audience attention Essay

Oprah Winfrey is one of the most well established show hosts in the world and her show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, is one of the most successful talk shows. She uses a number of techniques to get the attention of her audience. legit


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To get the audience’s attention at the beginning of the show is asking enrolling questions, which have the effect of getting the audience involved. Most of these questions are close-ended and the audience is required to respond by raising their hands or responding by a yes or no.

The host also makes use of impressive facts about her guests or statistical information on the issue being discussed to grab the attention of the audience. Another technique used by Oprah is powerful statements of declarations. These statements are normally facts that the audience can relate to. They set the tone for the show and get the attention of the audience.

Maintaining the attention of the audience through the entire show is very important. One technique used by Oprah is that she speaks in a loud and clear voice and varies her vocal patterns to generate interest.

This ensures that the audience can easily follow that is being said and does not get bored by a monotone. Oprah also ensures that she shifts attention from her guests to the audience to make them feel involved in the ongoing conversation and therefore maintain their attention.

The techniques used by Oprah legit have a number of effects on the audience. By asking questions and prompting a response, the audience ensures that the audience is physically and mentally active.

Statements of declarations make the audience relate to what the host is saying. Such assertions are also memorable and grab the attention of the audience helping to keep them engaged all through the show.


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How to get audience attention Essay

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